Leadership and Communication

Leadership and Communication at Regenesys Corporate Education

At Regenesys, our Leadership and Communication programmes are a beacon for aspiring and existing leaders. With a focus on nurturing charismatic leadership and persuasive communication skills, these courses are your stepping stone to becoming an influential figure in any corporate sphere.

Our Leadership and Communication Programmes Include:

New Managers Programme

Duration: Face to Face: 3 Months   Virtual: 4 Months

Designed for emerging leaders, this programme equips new managers with essential skills to lead effectively, focusing on team dynamics, strategic thinking, and effective communication.

Middle Management Programme

Duration: Face to Face: 4 Months   Virtual: 6 Months

Tailored for mid-level managers, this course sharpens leadership and decision-making skills, emphasising on team management, operational excellence, and innovative problem-solving.

Senior Executive Programme

Duration: Face to Face: 4 Months   Virtual: 8 Months

This advanced programme transforms senior managers into strategic leaders, focusing on corporate strategy, global leadership trends, and executive decision-making.

International Leadership Development Programme

Duration: 6 Months

Catering to global business needs, this course offers insights into cross-cultural leadership, global market trends, and international business strategies.

Effective Business Communication Bootcamp With Jeremy Maggs

Duration: 3 Days

Join industry expert Jeremy Maggs in this intensive bootcamp to master corporate communication, public speaking, and media relations.

Stakeholders Management

Duration: 1 Day

Learn the art of managing and influencing stakeholders effectively, focusing on relationship building, negotiation skills, and strategic communication.

Management Accelerator Programme

Duration: 6 Months

Our Management Accelerator Programme is not just a training course; it’s a gateway to significant career advancement.