About Corporate Education

Regenesys Corporate Education has a proud track record of offering a wide range of open-enrolment and customised corporate 

education programmes for senior, middle and junior managers in the business, government, non-profit, and state-owned enterprises sectors. This is in addition to our learnerships, occupational and skills programmes.

Our highly qualified team of learning and development professionals engages with organisations to develop bespoke solutions based on their specific challenges to maximise productivity, drive innovation, and develop a competitive advantage. Through years of collective experience, this team is committed to delivering a broad and flexible range of customised solutions that are adaptable to the world of work, business, and government.

Over 100 corporate education programmes are offered, focusing on developing generic management and leadership capabilities, including Project Management, Financial Management for Non-Financial Managers, Design Thinking, Strategy, Marketing, HR Management, Innovation, Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence in Leadership. 

Our Digital Regenesys programmes range from Data Science, Cybersecurity, and Coding to Cryptocurrency, AI, and Digital Marketing.