Legal and Ethical Frameworks

Legal and Ethical Frameworks at Regenesys Corporate Education

The Legal and Ethical Frameworks programmes at Regenesys are a deep dive into the realms of corporate law and ethics. These courses are tailored for professionals who seek to understand and apply legal and ethical principles in a rapidly evolving business world.

Our Legal and Ethical Frameworks Programmes Include:

Commercial Law Programme

Duration: 8 Weeks

Dive into the world of commercial law, covering contract law, corporate governance, and legal compliance for business operations.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Programme

Duration: 5 Weeks

Integrate ESG principles into your business model, focusing on sustainability, corporate responsibility, and ethical governance.

Understanding POPIA

Duration: 2 Days

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the Protection of Personal Information Act, focusing on compliance, data protection, and legal implications.

Debt Collection

Duration: 1 Day

Learn effective and ethical debt collection strategies, focusing on legal frameworks, communication skills, and financial dispute resolution.