Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

Negotiation and Conflict Resolution at Regenesys Corporate Education

Our Negotiation and Conflict Resolution programmes are an essential toolkit for professionals eager to excel in high-stakes negotiations and conflict management. Learn to navigate complex negotiations and resolve disputes with tact and efficiency, a skill highly valued in any business setting.

Our Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Programmes Include:

Negotiation Skills Programme

Duration: 3 Days

Develop your negotiation prowess for business success, focusing on tactics, strategies, and psychological insights in various negotiating scenarios.

Mediation and Dispute Resolution Programme

Duration: 3 Days

Specialise in conflict resolution with this programme, focusing on mediation techniques, dispute resolution strategies, and maintaining positive business relationships.

Negotiation and Contracting

Duration: 3 Days

Navigate the complexities of business contracts with enhanced negotiation skills, covering contract law, agreement drafting, and dispute avoidance.