Boldly Hers: A Celebration of Women’s Resilience and Leadership

In celebration of International Women’s Day, Regenesys Corporate Education hosted the “Boldly Hers: Celebrating Women of Strength” event, a gathering that showcased the resilience, leadership, and empowerment of women. This event brought together a diverse group of women leaders, each sharing their inspiring stories and insights. In a world that often overlooks the power and potential of women, this gathering served as a beacon of inspiration, highlighting their determination and leadership style.

Boldly Hers: Women of strength

Empowerment through Resilience

One of the central themes of the event was the power of resilience. The speakers shared personal stories of overcoming adversity, highlighting the importance of embracing vulnerability and learning from challenges. Khadijah Mia, the keynote speaker, emphasised the need for consistency in one’s journey, stating, “Consistency is key. It’s about showing up every single day, even if it’s hard.” Kapil Jaggeth, the moderator, spoke about the challenges women face in a male-dominated world and the necessity for men to understand and support women’s experiences. He emphasised the need for understanding and support from men in these spaces.

Khadijah Mia Women Empowerment

Leadership with Authenticity

Authenticity was another key theme, with the panellists advocating for staying true to oneself in leadership roles. Andiswa Liba urged women to take accountability and ensure that empowerment efforts are effective, saying, “Stop blaming others and ask where I am part of the problem.” Mantati Makumbila spoke about the importance of creating connections and celebrating one’s identity as a woman, while Sithembile Ngobese shared her perspective that woman empowerment is not just about only empowering women but about embracing one’s whole self.

Boldly Hers: A Celebration of Women's Resilience and Leadership Boldly Hers: A Celebration of Women's Resilience and Leadership Women Empowerment

The Importance of Sisterhood

The event also highlighted the significance of sisterhood and collaboration among women. The speakers called for building supportive networks and uplifting one another, rather than succumbing to competition and isolation. They passionately advocated for collaboration, emphasising that women do not collaborate enough. “Let’s collaborate, ladies. You’ll see what we can do in this world”, They said. This call to action resonated with many attendees, urging them to support and uplift one another in order to make a difference in the world.

International womens day  

Challenging the Status Quo

The event also touched on the need to challenge traditional gender roles and stereotypes, both in the workplace and in society at large. The panellists encouraged women to be authentic and stay true to themselves, even in the face of societal expectations and pressures. Zanele Jafta advised, “Women should remain true to who they are, especially in corporate. Be authentic, know who you are, and stay in your race.”

Empowering the Next Generation

Finally, the event emphasised the importance of empowering the next generation of women leaders. The speakers shared insights on fostering an environment that supports young women’s growth and leadership potential, and the need to mentor and guide them on their journey. One of the panellists Anna-Lee Dos Santos, highlighted the achievements of women in the SME market, stating, “Women are the fastest-growing and most sustainable businesses. We need to start changing the narrative from being an employee to being an employer.”

Join the Movement

The Boldly Hers: Celebrating Women of Strength event was a powerful reminder of the strength, resilience, and leadership that women possess. It called for unity, collaboration, and continued efforts towards gender equality, empowering women to lead boldly and authentically.

In line with the empowering messages shared at the event, Regenesys Corporate Education offers a Women in Leadership Programme designed to equip women with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to excel in leadership roles. This programme is a beacon of empowerment, providing participants with the tools to navigate the complexities of the business world while staying true to their authentic selves. It’s not just about climbing the corporate ladder; it’s about transforming the landscape of leadership to be more inclusive, diverse, and equitable. Together, we can create a future where every woman has the opportunity to lead with strength and authenticity.

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Written By Thabiso Makekele

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